Far Cry 4 and The Last of Us Remastered on offer at Amazon

Often the most important e-commerce sites and popular including Amazon and eBay allows users to purchase the latest technology products at very attractive prices, especially when compared with the respective list prices of competing physical chains such as Media World, Trony , Euronics, Unieuro and so on. And it is […]

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Best free Android games of 2015 : Top Free in Games - Android Apps on Google Play


Is ok, the camera is important. We all agree that an updated operating system improves the performance of our smartphone. The truth is that the real man changing smartphone when what he does not allow him to play with his favorite applications, and here we come to News By Tecno […]

Sony will launch a special version of Darth Vader PlayStation 4

Good luck for lovers of the Force. Sony has decided to launch a special version of its console PlayStation 4 set in the universe created by George Lucas. In particular, this console will focus on the dark profile of the legendary saga, with the profile of Darth Vader captured in […]

PlayStation is launching a limited edition Star Wars PS4

both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are games where the convergence between PvE

A journey through the wonders of Souls Saga

“Prepare to die,” he warns you every time From Software launches delivery of these titles. And the brutal meets perfection. Three games that marked the past generation and promise to do so in the present. Stress frustration, Patience, caution and precision. Every time it reaches our selves a new video […]

The Witcher 3 will add a trunk in next update

CD Projekt has announced a series of improvements for the adventure of Geralt of Rivia. The Polish studio CD Projekt has announced that its next patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 1.07, will include a series of changes that will improve the gaming experience and were highly anticipated by […]

The Witcher 3 patch will be available this week at PC and "soon" for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

So far the best fishing games for your mobile phone or tablet

Top 10 fishing games for mobile and tablets – 2

Extreme Fishing 2 Platform: Android – Download link Price: Free All virtual fishing at your fingertips. See the graphics in HD live and travel to the most exotic corners of the world equipped way you like, with your fishing pole. Have you ever really been able to fish where you […]

Top 10 fishing games for mobile and tablets 2015

Attention fishing enthusiasts! Today we have a very special post for all of you that will help you be the best experts in the art of fishing. The technological age has invaded every corner and although you do not believe, has managed to get to the world of fishing. For […]

Fishing Superstars entertaining game you will find in challenges against other major competitors have extensive experience

Toy Story free period to achieve 4 million

Toy Story 3: The space game ever released

Was to be expected, after Activision Skylanders, first video game aimed at children to make use of the statues, even Disney Infinity has proved highly successful, selling millions of copies over the years and then entered into a dispute with its direct competitor, thanks to the combination of a solid […]

Final Fantasy XIV: free period to achieve 4 million

After so many years, the franchise Final Fantasy still resists, grinding sales for each title in output and generating a lot of expectation among the players fans of the genre (Japanese-style, in this case) for securities that will be, as the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV (formerly known as Final […]

Final Fantasy XIV

Sony accidentally deletes the list of winners of the 20th Anniversary

Sony accidentally deletes the list of winners of the 20th Anniversary PS4

A few months ago Sony Computer Entertainment, as many of you know, has launched an edition in limited edition of the Playstation 4, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary since the first, inimitable Playstation, which originally saw the light in the Japanese market 3 December 1994 away . More precisely, were […]