BattleBlock Theater, platforms and puzzles with humor


BattleBlock Theater is a game that combines platforms, puzzles and lots of action with a humorous component that makes it fun. The Xbox 360 users are in luck.

The game is certainly attractive, with an adequate level design, audio-visually spectacular and a way multiplayer fun.

Hazardous cats
The BattleBlock Theater history begins when the boat in which we traveled aground and came to a strange island populated by cats that are not unfriendly.

BattleBlock Theater combines platforms, puzzles and lots of action

To solve your problems on the island you will expand your ability and skill and successfully overcome the many traps that you are presenting in your way.

Lasers, fireballs shooting guns, flooded areas and cats, especially many cats nothing routine, difficult enemies to be overcome if you are to achieve your goal. And all on an adventure that runs at a frenetic pace, with varied scenes that will keep you alert throughout the duration of the game.

There will also be time to pick up objects and improve and customize our main character, and secret missions enjoy subplots mode.

Attractive multiplayer
One of the most interesting aspects is its attractive title multiplayer mode, where you can play team games.

The artistic design of characters and scenarios is very colorful, very colorful and a perfect control system.

The game is very entertaining, always considering that targets a younger audience, you’ll enjoy an adequate system of levels in an adventure with humor.

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