Fire Emblem: the best tactical RPG for Nintendo


Fire Emblem Becomes one of the most popular classic games role shifts to the DS with a new release, Awakening. The franchise was born in Japan in 1990 and took some time out of their borders. His faithful followers were waiting expectantly and news. Tactical RPG lovers are in luck.

The title Fire Emblem is set to be one of the gaming highlights of the year on the Nintendo 3DS.

Fire Emblem Becomes one of the most popular classic games role shifts to the DS with a new release

Protagonist with amnesia

The argument puts us in the skin of the protagonist, a curious character who wakes up with no memory in the middle of a forest. From there we will have to customize your character and choose both sex and their appearance and wardrobe. We meet the prince Chrom and get into battle to defend the territory of Ylisse, threatened by evil forces. Different characters come out to meet us, from a queen to the worst villains, getting involved in various adventures.

Fire Emblem maintains the characteristics of the genre: two armies faced when we must defeat the enemy soldiers in fighting in which we must use appropriate strategies to achieve our ultimate goal.

Three levels

There are three levels of difficulty we can provide about fifty hours of entertainment in a fighting by turns really care, with many characters and objects that affect the game.

At the title maintains visual identity that has always reflected since its launch, with little new. You can tell that meets the file, without more. As for the audio section, the music itself is more attractive and is a perfect companion play.

Nor has a multiplayer mode commensurate with the quality of the game, and that aspect should have been more careful. Still, it is a title recommended for those who enjoy the traditional strategic role.

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