Hyper dimension Neptunia Victory, low budget Japanese RPG


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is the third chapter in the series of Japanese role some years came to a good start in Europe and so far, continues to grow supported by a loyal following, even though it is a series of low-budget to enjoy on the Sony Playstation 3. On this occasion, the story takes you to an alternate world set in 1989.

Typical aesthetics of “lolitas”
What you have in Victory is very similar to its predecessors. Neptunia, the protagonist, and the other characters remain the prevailing aesthetic in this genre, represented as a “Lolita”. Perhaps as less positive in this game, is the excess of dialogues which take precedence over action. It would have been better to reduce them, as they are not as crucial in a story that you can occupy nearly fifty hours to travel it. Yes interesting is the constant nod to other games, easily recognizable.

Sony Playstation 3 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Variety of missions
The game takes you through various scenarios where you find creatures of all kinds. you will have to fulfill various missions that will have to remove quite a few enemies, collect items and improve your skills.

The fights are held in shifts and especially those who sin against bosses are quite hard, so you have to pay maximum attention if you are to be victorious.

Technically the game has some shortcomings evident result of the low budget that has been made. Still, the battles are entertaining and keep a good pace. A title sound level meets.

The followers of the less conventional RPGs will find many interesting aspects.

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