League of Legends has been hacked


League of Legends is currently one of the most played online games worldwide. Based on the map Warcraft 3 DotA, League of Legends currently has over 70 million registered players globally organized tournaments with prizes.

During the afternoon yesterday, Riot Games reported on the blog of League of Legends to cyber attacks to their servers that had managed to get the access data of a large number of users, mainly American. According to them in the doorway, lament that has compromised the security of user data hosted on the server of the United States.

According to reports, the data that have been obtained are server names, user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords. Although passwords were encrypted (important fact to keep in mind), from League of Legends claim that could des deciphered easily, especially weak passwords.

Riot Games reported on the blog of League of Legends to cyber attacks

League of Legends is informing users affected by this data theft. Similarly is forcing all users to servers in the United States to change their passwords to avoid surprises.

For now, the European server users are safe and have not had any security problems, although it is advisable to always use strong passwords for all types of online services.

This data theft adds to those that occurred in July with Konami, Ubisoft and Nintendo. Hackers have gaming platforms in their sights.

From softeview we recommend changing the password for the services that you use the same credentials if users are servers in the United States of League of Legends.

Already a League of Legends player in U.S. servers? Is the League of Legends team has been in contact with you?

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