Samurai vs Zombies: Free Android Game


The living dead, zombies or better, now depopulated on mobile games and most of them in the role of villains. In the game you are going to propose today are no different, and you will find them in an unfamiliar setting, or in the east. The game is called Samurai vs Zombies and you will fill the role of a samurai who must protect the village from the angry hordes of walking dead.

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Samurai vs Zombies: to protect the village against undead

Samurai vs Zombies is a mix of genres, where we find the Tower defense, the RPG and strategy. You must defend the village using the skills of the samurai, which subsequently can be enhanced. You must bring up strong defenses to ward off the numerous zombies that will come from both sides of the game. In addition to defeat ordate you carry the right alliances with warriors and peasants, so as to make life easier. Also there are the minigames mode that we will obtain rare items. Samurai vs Zombies is available free on the Play Store.

Download here from Play Store

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